Jayson Brunsdon: Class With a Hint of Parisian Panache
Thu Apr 30, 10:13 am ET
Godfrey Deeny

Sydney – It felt like Paris at Jayson Brunsdon's runway show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney Wednesday, April 29, when the simple and chic sophistication recalled the old days of haute couture when shows were mini social galas and not celebrity slugfests.

Full of understated poise, the collection was one of those stylish affairs where the pale colors, quietly graceful hair and makeup and classy carriage of the models all evoked one big word - ladylike. In an era when people turn up for shows in faded anthracite jeans, Brunsdon's collection was a bit nostalgic, but defiantly elegant.

There was a certain colonial comportment to this collection, where pleated georgette pool dresses, oyster-hued dresses, splendid boyish shantung shorts and leaf colored cocktails whispered grace, but never shouted glamour.

Brunsdon may not be the most innovative of designers, but he has plenty of class. He designed the collection and staged this show after undergoing many months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer last July. Brunsdon dedicated the collection to his mother Dorothy, and a drawing of his mother was on the cover of his invitation.

"It was a dark period in my life," said the designer, who embraced Dorothy on the catwalk, an elegant touch before a cheering audience that gave Brunsdon a loud and long applause.

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