Konstantina Mittas: Posh Goth Moment
Thu Apr 30, 11:20 am ET
Godfrey Deeny

Sydney – It was a posh Goth in a sunny land moment Wednesday, April 29, in the Rosemont Australian Fashion Week at the latest collection from Konstantina Mittas.

Models with punky Marie Antoinette stacked-up hair and gold leaf-style panda eyes strutted out onto the catwalk in the Mittas show before a giant electric blue LED backdrop.

Blouses composed of shards of torn black silk, leotards in white parachute materials and hooded cocktail dresses with chunky knots and ties all led to an evocative moment.

Mittas' best ideas were macramé mini dresses over black body stockings or shantung minis, or just-survived-a-shipwreck asymmetrical gowns worn with leggings. They were great gallery opening looks that would also work brilliantly at a post-midnight after party in a club using lots of dry ice, just as this show did.

Throughout, the clothes were body-conscious and very short - like about every collection in Sydney, where locals have taken to calling the extremely high hemlines "fanny trimmers."

"Every time I created a look that I really liked for this collection, someone would say it was 'strange.' And then I realized that was the sure sign I liked the idea, so I decided to call the collection after that fact," said Mittas, who explained that 'strange' was "a mathematical formula about opposites."

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