Zimmermann, In Between Power Outages, Gets Steamy
Wed Apr 29, 9:25 am ET
Godfrey Deeny

Sydney – If any show made sense in this magnificently located city, where there seem more beaches and coves than traffic lights, it was Zimmermann on Tuesday, April 28, the hottest show so far in Rosemont Australian Fashion Week and a label whose true forte is great beachwear and bikinis.

Inadvertently, yet aptly, the show was staged after a bizarre power outage, when a switching station shut down power in most of central Sydney, leading to a muggy moment inside the runway show-space of the Overseas Passenger Terminal where most of the week's shows are staged.

The collection, entitled "Bittersweet Nightshade," kicked off before a capacity audience of 500, with an acid hued tank dress worn over a mean little body suit. Ballet dancing bodies, twisted fabric tops and cocktails, rope layered dresses and tapered lattice looks all had plenty of zing in a show that was all about cruising cool and having a great time at, or around, the beach.

However, whether it was the understated styling or somewhat prosaic choice of Impressionist blotch prints, the best images at this event were not on the runway but in a stylishly made catalogue placed on each seat that featured a brilliant range of bikinis. In a word, the house's carefully honed image did not project as much as it should on the catwalk.

Designer Nicole Zimmermann is a savvy creator, whose design studio clearly is a slick, hard working machine. If she could just inject the same level of creativity into her prints that she gets into her cuts, then this label could achieve great international success.

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