Daniel Swarovski Collection Celebrates 20 Years of Couture
Thu Apr 16, 6:41 pm ET
Renata Espinosa

New York – The Daniel Swarovski collection - the high-end couture collection of Swarovski accessories generally found adorning celebrities on the red carpet - celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and with that come 20 new bag designs and 20 new pieces of jewelry to commemorate the brand's history.

Rather than reviving accessories from the archives, Swarovski artistic director Nathalie Colin chose to highlight how far their crystal technology has come with innovative applications of the famed crystals, from crystals applied to precious stones and pearls to exotic skins. The processes add up to spectacular-looking pieces with blinding luminosity. Bling is definitely not out - it's just made out of crystals now, instead of diamonds.

This season, 1920's art deco design inspired the look and feel of the pieces, from the vintage-looking styles of the delicate evening bags to the deco patterns used for the crystal settings. And in a nod to the changing demands of red carpet walking clients, the bags are now slightly larger to accommodate their number one purse accessory: the Blackberry.

Also new for Swarovski this year is an expanded watch collection, with high quality Swiss-made timepieces at the core of the new designs. For women, styles range from a crystal cuff, the "D:Light," with a time display made up of crystals that light up only when a button is pressed ($1,500-$1,7000), to edgier styles like a wrap-around leather band ($575) or classic timepieces with a metal watchband and subtle crystal bezel ($650-$750).

Swarovski's signature jewelry collection for autumn/winter 2009/10, "Nature Reloaded," follows the nature-oriented theme started for spring with "Super Nature." For this collection, Swarovski took a trip to an enchanted forest with wooden pendants embedded with crystals, to mushroom-shaped charms to smoky hues of plum, forest green and black crystal. Other key looks include serpent bangles and necklaces and Swarovski's unofficial mascot characters, Erika and Elvis, re-imagined as a butterfly and a bumblebee, respectively.

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