Camilla and Marc Kick Off Sydney Fashion Week
Mon Apr 27, 1:58 pm ET
Godfrey Deeny

Sydney – They love a double act in Australia, where the sister and brother combo of Camilla & Marc kicked off Sydney Fashion Week Monday, April 27, with a stylish romp that was a clever mix of commercial and cool.

These talented siblings were followed by two more twosomes - Bec & Bridge and Ginger & Smart - but of the three, Camilla & Marc were the most accomplished, and most in synch with contemporary global trends.

Staged before a great looking trompe l'oeil couture house backdrop on a hipster casting of young and veteran models, this collection had plenty of easy to understand clothes, whether artfully ripped white jeans, semi-abstract animal prints singlet tops and gold chain belts.

Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman went for a layered look in this spring 2010 show, but since their fabrics were so floaty and craftily aged the effect was light and comprehensible. At least one member of the family is no slouch at tailoring; some deftly made glove leather mini bomber jackets were the very epitome of beautifully hung fashion.

They also showed natty knobby toed and spike-heeled platforms, and some great mesh tops, although their micro striped dresses and trousers suits were in a formulaic beach wind-breaker stripe, they were still flattering.

The collection was ultimately a bit too derivative, and looked familiar to anyone familiar with recent collections by the Paris house of Balmain, the single most influential label in high fashion this past season. Designs included 80's broad and peaked shoulders, glitzy use of sequins, angle zips and one shoulder dresses.

Moreover, while the clothes did seem ultimately finely adapted to an insouciant moment on a balmy summer's day, they did not seem terribly Australian. However, the bedraggled, bedroom hair, scant use of make-up and high dress length is something of a compliment, and will find an international audience for Camilla & Marc.

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