Timely Topics At "The International" Premiere
Tue Feb 10, 10:39 am ET
Jenny Peters

New York – When Clive Owen and Naomi Watts signed on to make "The International," they never imagined that at the New York premiere on Monday night they would find themselves with the most up-to-the minute film of 2009. But the thriller all about international banking intrigue is just that, as Owen marveled earlier during the press junket for the movie.

"I think it's amazing how timely it has become," Owen mused. "We finished a year ago. They were working on that script for a good two years prior to that. So they were using all that research then and since we've locked that picture off all this has happened with banks around the world. Yes, it's a big entertaining thriller, but it does ask questions and opens up doors to question whether banks use people's money appropriately and whether they're completely sound institutions. That's what everyone is doing right now with what's gone on in the last year."

The premiere drew a wide range of high-profile types, including fashion designer Nicole Miller and actresses Katrina Bowden, and Jasika Nicole.

Watts and her partner Liev Schreiber recently welcomed their second son to the world. With two boys under two years of age, Watts joked that she was barely awake as she walked the red carpet, and warned that anything she said should be taken with a big grain of salt.

"I cannot remember anything," she laughed. "I cannot! I call it a 'lactose lobotomy.' I literally have lost half of my brain and I don't know when it's coming back. Actually, it was halved and then halved again. I go back to work on a film next week. I'm just doing ten days on a little film called 'Mother and Child' and I'm just trying to work out how I'm going to remember my dialogue."

Fortunately, she's already made it through the shoot of "The International," which opens Feb.13. And she warns that once audiences have seen the thriller, many viewers may just want to put all their money under the baby's crib mattress.

"It's very scary, with what's going on right now," she said. "I've made several calls to my business manager and have said, 'What do we need to do here? Shall I bring around a few briefcases?'"

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