Celebrating Jason Wu
Fri Feb 6, 3:16 pm ET
Simone Goller

New York – Jason Wu, the newest young designer to receive worldwide acclaim, was nothing short of cool, calm and collected at a party on Thursday, Feb. 5 celebrating him and his most recently distinguished piece, the white, one-shouldered gown Michelle Obama donned at the president's inaugural ball.

The energy that packed the Soho Grand Hotel penthouse was high and hopeful as many of New York's creative elite - it was so crowded, there was a wait in the lobby to get in - came to praise and congratulate the modest designer. With downtown New York skyscrapers serving as the backdrop, Wu's grounded and focused persona and design ability attracted friends and fans to the party as excitement builds for Fall 2009 New York Fashion Week, which begins Feb. 13.

At the gathering thrown in his honor by Angela Mariani and Anne Fahey, his publicists at C&M Media, Wu looked elated by and gracious about the support extended to him by the fashion industry, his retailers and his family.

Wu, who was born in Taiwan, has consistently been encouraged by his family to follow his artistic passion, learning to sew at age nine, then studying sculpture at the age of 14 in Paris. Speaking of his family's reaction to recent upsurge of media attention Wu told Fashion Wire Daily, "I think my mom was the most proud of me, she was in tears as she told me 'I'm so proud of you'". Wu's decision to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York City was a pivotal move in his career. "They moved me here for that very reason, to be an artist or designer, so this is a testament to the fact that they made the right investment," he said.

With so many admirers and only so many spots available at his Fall 2009 runway show, this will not be the last time that people line up to see the 26-year-old designer and his work.

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