Elie Saab brings the kimono to the red carpet
Wed Jan 28, 6:22 am ET

PARIS – The kimono is about to hit the red carpet. Hollywood favorite Elie Saab looked to the traditional Japanese robe-like garment for inspiration for his airy but intricate spring-summer haute couture collection Wednesday.

"It's light and delicate like a Japanese (haiku) poem," said the Lebanese designer, whose ultra-feminine creations are among A-list actresses' favorites.

Breathy chiffons in dusty pastel shades were paired with taffeta silks, whose neat pleats evoked origami.

A brocade belt that looked like it had just been peeled off a geisha was worn just under the dresses' bust-line, lending the empire waists an Asian touch.

A short, asymmetrical wrap dress in mauve with one full sleeve looked like a kimono after a fight with a pair of scissors. The full skirt of a princess gown looked like it was made from a kimono belt endlessly wrapped around itself.

The beadwork was intricate, framing the evening gowns' plunging backs in a burst of chiffon flowers, like cherry blossoms.

The crowd, which was largely made up of moneyed Middle Easterners, burst into applause when a bride, in a beige princess gown with a pleated taffeta bustier and oversized organza roses climbing up the hemline, promenaded down the catwalk.

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