Our Referral email system is to be used only for communication related to Modeling, Photography, Styling, Art, Acting, and other inquiries related to the subject matter for which our community is intended. The referral email system has been created to help the members of our community communicate with safety and convenience.

We strongly recommend solely using the referral system to correspond to all members with work related offers. Posting of personal email information on profiles is not recommended. Additionally, minors are strictly prohibited from publicly displaying any personally identifiable information such as an email address on their portfolios.

When sending offers of work or assignments to models, please be as complete as possible in your communication and include all relevant assignment information - the more information the better. Examples of this information include but are not limited to: RATES-DATE/TIME OF OFFER-LOCATION-USAGE-PERSONNEL INVOLVED-ETC. Vague offers which contain no actual assignment may be rejected and/or may not be delivered to the model. Additionally, emails which only request the model to contact you for unspecified reasons are not permitted.

Referrals, whose sole or primary intent is to request other members to simply "check out my page", either for the purpose of increasing page visits or to entice other members to view assignments or casting offers are prohibited. Complete work offers should be sent directly via the referral system.


Our community is not a dating service. Please do not send messages soliciting dates from anyone using this system. The system is intended for purposes related to working with others in the industry, and should not be used for making social contact or for introductions to models for personal purposes.

Members, with the exception of models, dancers and/or actors must not place their age into any correspondence directed to models or actors, this is irrelevant to any professional inquiries or replies.

Requests for photos, videos, etc. are NOT assignment offers, and should not be made via our community, regardless if those images are created by the model or by a third-party. Our community should only be utilized by businesses which create assignments for models, not companies which request content from models. Images and content should only be requested from photographers who shoot in assignment based situations, and requests for such content/images should only be made to photographers.

Models/actors are NOT permitted to send offers of work, representation, etc. of any nature to other models/actors. Models/actors, who operate a secondary business model (photographer, MUA, event staffing, agency/management company, etc.), are encouraged to add the appropriate non-model/actor profile to our Community in order to send referrals of this nature.

It is acceptable for individual photographers, models, artists, etc. to contact each other through the referral service to offer or ask for work from other individuals as long as they are not violating the spam guidelines as outlined in the earlier guideline (no "cut-and pastes").

With some exceptions and exemptions, members who wish to contact models on our Community must have representative and appropriate samples of their work posted to their portfolios. All Photographers, videographers and content producers, members must have samples of their work on their portfolios before contacting models. This gives models an opportunity to see samples of your work to better evaluate your offer. Non-profile members are not exempted from this guideline.

The Promotion and Recruitment of Escorts, Escort Services, Personal Companions, (etc.) are contrary to the purposes of our community, and will not be tolerated in any fashion. Soliciting for, recruiting, or offering the services of escorts on this site is strictly prohibited. Portfolios that are used for the solicitation or promotion of escort services in ANY way will be immediately disabled with no refund. This includes (but is not limited to): Use of the referral system, hyperlinks to external sites promoting escorts, URLs (web addresses) promoting escorts and any other activity that the staff of our community deems as solicitations, promotions, or offers.

The referral system should not be used for the purpose of requesting, promoting or advertising "exotic dancing", "stripping", etc. in any way.


When contacting members under 18 years of age, please ensure that your referral is age appropriate, and is addressed to their Parent, Legal Guardian, or listed Manager. Please ensure you are familiar with current >> Child Safety << Laws.

Minors may not be contacted for offers which are intended to sexualize or depict that minor in a sexual manner. Lingerie offers made to minors should be restricted to professional offers for catalog or appropriate commercial work, and never for "portfolio development" or non-published work.

Main images that are rated R (containing nudity or having a mature theme) may not be sent as a main image to a minor. Please revise your main image before contacting minors. Additionally, if your profile contains nude (even artistic) images, it is highly recommended that contact with minors does not occur using any feature on our community.

Our community members who contact children (under the age 18) are required to have all contact information completed and up to date on their portfolio. This includes full disclosure of first and last name, verifiable physical address and phone information.

Minors should never be contact for "private client" work of any kind.

Members who use our community email/referral system to contact children (under 18yrs of age) must have complete and verifiable contact information on their portfolio, including phone number, address, and full legal name (first/last).

Minors may not be contacted for offers to be involved in with, or placed on pay sites, "fan clubs" or other Teen-oriented websites either where a group or individual are featured. In short: Do not contact minors for placement on web sites.

Teen model Membership sites (including teen pay sites, "top sites", "NN (non-nude)" sites, etc) are contrary to the purposes and business model of our community, and may not be promoted, linked, advertised, or solicited for, using any tools of our community. We reserve the right to have no involvement with any member or user who works in the "NN" or teen pay site business. Profiles found which link, advertise or are associated with any such sites will be removed from our community without warning or refund.

In referrals, members (models/actors/dancers included) must never request or post any AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo, or any other Chat screen name to minors (under 18).

While our community is used internationally, its servers reside completely within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, and thus its users are subject to the local, state and federal laws of the United Kingdom. Solicitation of models under the age of 18 for nude, semi-nude, "adult-industry" work or work of a sexual content nature is in violation of the policies of our community, and in most cases, illegal in accordance with Local, State or Federal laws. Therefore, DO NOT CONTACT any models under the age of 18 with offers for any of the before mentioned work.


The referral system is not a mailing-list service; it is for making individual contacts between members of the community to offer work, advice, and other one-on-one communication between members. "Cutting and Pasting" the same email and sending it through the referral service is considered "SPAM" (numerous, unsolicited emails, normally of a commercial nature), which is unacceptable.

Using our referral system for the promotion of PAY SITES is strictly prohibited. Any referral whose primary goal is for our members to "join" any site (including non-pay sites) is also prohibited. Additionally, those individuals who attempt to utilize our Referral System and/or any aspect of our database/site in order for members to "join" a competitor site or a site similar in nature to our community (including forum-only type sites) will be subject to immediately removal from our site, without notice and without refund.

Referrals that contain domain names or URL's of any competitor's site or a site similar in nature or intent to our community (including forum-only type sites) are filtered.

The referral system is not for advertising the services of companies, agencies or groups. If you wish to advertise your services, contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about advertising your services on our community through one of our many advertising programs.

It is acceptable to contact individuals in an area that you are traveling to and have interest in working with. Mass solicitations of "Traveling and available for work in your area" are considered SPAM and are not acceptable.


Do not use the referral system to send out "warnings" about individuals or companies that you believe to be scamming, shamming, etc. If you have a legitimate warning of a scam, sham, fraudulent activity, please report fraudulent use of our Referral System, you may contact us.

Please do not send "virus warnings", or other forwarded emails through this system. Many virus "warnings" are hoaxes, and in some cases may ask you to do things that are actually harmful to your computer. If you feel the need to warn us or our members of any such incidents, please contact us and we will send a notification if warranted.

If you have a problem with a photographer, model, artist, etc., do not use the system to send email "alerts" out about these individuals. Try to work out your differences with the party in question. If it is a matter that involves legal issues, contact the proper authorities.


Our community is a multi-cultural community which offers access to members in many nations across the globe and therefore welcomes members to send emails to other members in their native language. However, due to ease of use for all receiving members as well as security considerations, this requires that all messages (of this nature) sent through our email/referral system be accompanied by an English translation of the text.


Remember to review the portfolio of the person you are contacting to make sure that the type of work you are offering/requesting matches the type(s) of work they are accepting. Example: If a model/member does not have any of the "Nude" or "Adult" availabilities checked and/or their profile information states "no nude, adult or porn work" in their comments, do not send them offers for this type of work. IN SHORT, PLEASE READ PORTFOLIOS BEFORE YOU SEND A REFERRAL.

Nude or Adult offers which require the model(s) to be involved in any sexual activity (solo or involving others) MUST only be sent from Adult Site Promoter profiles ONLY.

Members may only contact models with offers of Fetish Work if that model has the corresponding Erotic or Adult availabilities check marked (these are "Adult nude", "Adult Performer" and "Erotic Nude"). This includes all offers of non-nude fetish work as well.

Adult Site Promoters who wish to contact models for Adult-industry assignments in the realms of Point-of-View (POV), "Gonzo" or related work must be able to demonstrate that this content is being created for a verifiable, established and legitimate commercial venture. Non-commercial offers of this nature are strictly prohibited.

Our community is a professional networking site for photographers, models, actors, film-makers and content producers to network in the areas of industry-based assignments, career-enhancement and portfolio development.

While we allow some adult content producers to offer assignments to appropriate members of our community, Exotic Dancing and "web-cam" work are not assignment-based offerings, are contrary to the purposes of the our community, and we do not permit solicitation for these services on the site.

Our community does NOT allow any advertising or display of adult pay-site URLs on any Portfolio (in text, hyperlink, or graphically).


Those members who are notified of restricted access to the our Referral System are strongly recommended to contact the Administrator indicated on the notification. Email queries to additional site personnel will only result in a longer resolution process. When contacting the Administrator, please be prepared to supply your full name, portfolio username, as well as Case number and Type (either DBN or DBI).

If you have received a referral which you feel may violate one or more of our Referral Guidelines, please click on the Contact Us link (located on the bar at bottom) using Subject: Inappropriate Content or Email.

We reserve the right to change and modify these usage rules as appropriate and without notice.

Violation of these Referral Guidelines or our Terms of Use will cause your membership to be terminated without notice or refund.


It is not appropriate for any management company/agency (or similar) to utilize our Referral System to directly email another management company's/agency's (or similar) models in an attempt to represent them or to even offer work in conjunction with their management company/agency (or similar). In cases such as these, please contact the primary management company/agency directly to arrange for a mutual agreement that would benefit both the model and any model management companies/agencies involved. We recognize that many models do not have exclusive contracts with their current management company/agency. However, that non-exclusivity exists to permit the model to search out additional representation not necessarily the other way around.

The above is NOT applicable if the primary management company/agency authorizes a secondary management company/agency to contact any of their represented models directly. Please read over a model's portfolio carefully to note any current representation.

Please note: Failure to comply with these guidelines may/will result in the suspension of privileges on our community, including but not limited to loss of referral system usage, or depending on the severity of the infraction, loss of your account, without notice and without refund.

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